Wednesday, February 28, 2018

5 Reasons You Need a USB Drive Today

Today, you will find new software out there in the market every day - developers are cashing in on the increasing demand for apps while companies are trying to increase revenue. While a life without television, phones and computers was the way the world worked a century back, today it's quite different.

Unless you have already adopted to the cloud and store all your information over it, you probably are using these every day. In fact, these are pretty handy to send information from one place to another.

Here are the 5 things why you need to love these and use them every day.

1. Major device used for transferring data

USB drives are the major way of transmitting information between computers. It has superseded all other means of data transmitting devices. They are fast, efficient and more authentic. With the help of these drives heavy data can be transported at the least time possible by whatever other way.

2. USB drives act as external storage devices

They are the most widely used external storage devices today. No one uses a floppy or CD-ROM's today, your desktop probably doesn't even has a space for a floppy disk today. If you're using a laptop, you might not even have a CD-ROM drive too. You can have all backups done to the device easily. Unlike other devices, they are not easily damaged and can be used roughly.

3. Installation of operating system can be done using USB drives

For a new PC or laptop, the OS can be installed with the help of a USB drive. They are preferred over optical disks since a few PCs and laptops do not have the optical drives to run them.

4. It acts as a mixed tape

One need not pile up a smart phone with songs to listen in a car. The cars today have built-in USB ports. All that one has to do is to insert your drive in port and let the songs play for you. The smallest flash drive can hold numbers of songs than your smart phone.

5. One can have a larger number of apps stored on a USB drive

It is the best place to store apps. Having too many apps on a PC makes it a mess. You can store them in your flash USB drive and can use it only when needed.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies In The Military - A Beginner's Guide

When it comes to working with clients like the military, quality and reliability in all areas of manufacturing is crucial because their applications are too critical to fail. This is most certainly the case with electro-mechanical assemblies. After all, the military aims at running as smoothly as possible, and in order to do this, the right materials in their computing & mechanical systems are paramount to their success.

In order to understand electro-mechanical assemblies in terms of military applications, it is perhaps best to look at the construction & use of these assemblies in terms of 1) what they are; 2) the ability to deliver the necessary materials; 3) having the proper certification; and 4) the ability to deliver a finished product on time.

In essence, a device with an electrical & mechanical component can be referred to as electro-mechanical. Think moving parts powered by electricity or that have electricity running through them. There are an endless number of devices that can qualify under this definition, but typically you are referring to things related to computers or that are operated by computers. Items such as fan tray assemblies, box build assemblies, and switch & sensor assemblies all constitute electro-mechanical assemblies.

With respect to the military, assemblies are put through to the test because they will face tougher field conditions. A typical assembly might do the job, but as with most things military, there's a need for electro-mechanical assemblies to go a bit further. Again, you're talking about an industry that has critical missions that depend on all equipment to be working at all times. Failure is not an option. As the military contracts this type of work out, they, too, need to be sure that the manufacturer they plan on working with can actually produce what they need.

It's also important that the prospective manufacturer the military plans on working with for its electro-mechanical assembly needs has skilled employees that are fully trained & are up-to-date with current regulations & industry standards. Moreover, it's important to know what type of industry credentials a manufacturer carries. Certifications should include IPC/WHMA/UL certificates, as well as ITAR compliance, and they should have qualification in MIL Specifications.

Finally, the military depends on a strict adherence to lead times for delivery of goods. While the budgetary concerns a general commercial industry may face are different for a government agency, there is still a need to respect said agency's schedule. Losing track of when materials will be delivered can be of grave consequence to the military. Both parties need to be in full communication at all junctures of the manufacturing process to be sure a contracted production date will be kept.

Electro-mechanical assemblies can be found in just about any industry you can think of that uses a combination of electrical and/or mechanical components. Military assembly needs take on a more pronounced significance, requiring efficiency in the manufacturing & production process, rigorous testing, and strict standards in both industry credentials & delivery lead times.