Saturday, April 28, 2018

All You Need to Know About USB Drives

If you still haven't gone to the cloud, you are probably using the USB drives quite often. Most of the laptops these days, at least the higher end ones, do not have a CD-ROM. Instead, they all have USB slots so that you can easily use USB devices. They are easy to use and quite helpful.

If you're still not familiar with them, here's all that you need to know about them.

This drive is a small data storage device. It is portable and can be used for transfer of data between different computers. These drives have no power source of their own and can be operated only when plugged in. USB drives can be purchased in different sizes, ranging from 1 GB to 512 GB. They serve the same purpose as of floppy or CDs. As the USB drives can be used more comfortably, they have replaced floppy disks and CDs over the years. Here are a few things about USB drives.

Purpose of USB drives

The main feature of a USB drive is to transfer data. Besides that, it is used to store data externally, speed up the computer by boosting the ram and creating some space for the computer to run programs. It is used to run portable apps, troubleshooting and also to run an alternate operating system.

The hard drive vs USB flash drive

A hard drive is an external hard drive. It is similar to an internal drive except that it has a casing to protect it. It stores data by using disks. On the other hand, USB flash drive is also an external storage device. Unlike hard disks, it is in a solid state which means you have less chance of losing data. Some people also refer to these as a keychain drive.

Few awesome ways of using it

A USB drive can be used as a key to lock and unlock a computer. It can be used to revive a virus hidden system. It can be used to boot an operating system. It can be used to run portable apps, games and utilities. To list, there are many more.

Few drawbacks

The small size of the USB drives to assist portability is not only their advantage but it is also a disadvantage as it can be easily lost. Over the time they become corrupted and unreadable. These devices can easily corrupt the system as they can be a storehouse of viruses, especially if you do not have a good antivirus system installed.